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Created the 11/15/20, last edit: 04/27/21

Wazowski Memer Privacy Policy

By using Wazowski Memer (Discord Bot), you agree that you have read and agree to this policy.

What Data we collect?

We collect ID of users to insert all data (money, exp etc..), also we have another files with inventory data, on this one we collect ID of users to insert items data, amount.

Why we need this data? How we use the data?

To find your userID on the database and get your exp, money.. amount, we modify it by using a command who gives something, like money, exp etc.. If we don't store data, we can't create a fun bot with inventory and profile. We use data by displaying game profile with plz profile @mention and commands like this.

Users can delete their Wazowski Memer data?

Yes, by contacting the owner on the Support Server or by doing a email : [email protected] also a command is coming soon to reset user data.

How the information will be stored and for how long?

The information will be stored by using our bot, especially by executing currency commands, mostly of our databases are used for currency command. The information stored will be stored for ever since we're using them to make you able to interact with the bot and of course you are able to send a request on our support server to delete the stored information.

Which are the safety measures that are being used to protect the information?

Our safety measures are simple, we do not insert any data on a public domain, meaning that all of your data are on a local domain running 24/7. Most of your data are just levels, items you own and its all assigned to your user id. They're not very important. If in the future we insert more important information, we'll encrypt it.

Is the information being shared/sold with other bots/companies?

The answer is No, as we said we do not exit the local domain and we do not share and sell your information and they're probably useless to bots/companies and we won't make any profit on it.