What is Wazowski Memer?

A Fun bot like Dank Memer, a in development bot, not finished. This bot evolve with you because you will use it and Wazowski Memer will evolve, get updates (more commands, database upgrades..). In the future, we plan to do events were you can get more exp, rares items etc. We plan to make it better every updates, and improve features.

Fun/Currency & Utility Bot

Wazowski Memer is principally a Fun & Currency in development bot, but it have some utility commands too! You can create True/False polls with it, and more!

News & Updates

Server & User Management Update

We added a settings command, two categories, user settings & server settings. You'll need to have the server management permission to have access to server settings. Now, you can disable/enable some commands, like snipe, or editsnipe. You can also turn off the possibility to get dms from users (messages sent using the bot).

Changelogs :

- New settings command

- Enable/Disable some commands

- Updated Snipe/Editsnipe/Phone files

- Added settings sub-prefixes

- 2 new databases (Server settings & User settings)

- Changelogs command disabled


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Have fun with Wazowski Memer, the bot will get updates, updates and updates, and it will evolve!

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